04 July 2004

Reynols / King Mong

The increasingly wondeful people at Ubuweb have got a whole page of free MP3s from Reynols, my favourite Down's Syndrome-fronted Argentinian band. You might laugh but there is another: I've managed to track down a band with the rather unfortunate moniker King Kong whose lead singer is 6'4" cow-hand/ musical genius Octavio Derrida. There is apparently some obscure connection to the Indonesian mentalist Deddy Corbuzier (acting as stage manager/psychic guide)and, while I haven't managed to find any MP3s of King Mong, I'm awaiting a Cd at the moment so I'll try and post a track when it gets here. By all accounts the people behind Reynols, Miguel Tomasin included, do not regard King Mong as a serious threat to their current state monopoly and there is even mention here of an impending feud between the two bands. As ever with Reynols, fact and fiction are pretty hard to ascertain (they're slippy little suckers at the best of times) but I'm hoping my new CD will fill in the blanks.

Anyway, if you don't know Reynols already then you'll probably hate them but here's a few highlights, all courtesy of Ubu:

10,000 Chicken Symphony
Fenser 3
Fire Music

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