24 July 2004

Kate Bush is Bjork

Kate Bush is Bjork in a Donnie Darko-style Tangent Universe.

No, really.

Her best album, the much misunderstood and comercially disastrous The Dreaming, is a work of genius: Digeridoos (played by Rolf Harris!), Bird-calls from that guy who used to be in Blue Peter, electronic drones and squiggles, sampled phone conversations, random shouting, very odd lyrics about bank heists and aborigines, donkey-calls (at one time, near the end, I swear there's some kind of satanic invocation of Eeyore), cockney blarney, string quartets, pounding industrial drums that Ministry would be proud of, spirits, devils, irish pipes...

The cover's a bit crap though.

All The Love is one of the most typically, er, Bushy tracks on the album

And here's a few rarities / oddities:

Organic Acid

Brazil from the movie.

Early version of Sat on Your Lap from The Dreaming.

If you've ever wondered about Donnie Darko but just couldn't be arsed to plough through the website then here's a web-site run through which helps you unlock all the secrets.

Salon.com also has a really decent explanatory article about the film, tying up some loose ends by way of some of the expanded / added scenes in the director's cut of the movie.


Psychbloke said...

Ah....the lovely Kate - my 'Best of...' on vinyl was sadly mutilated by Caroline.
Still - such a role model for loopy A-Level Lit students who never quite grew out of ballet.
I image her now in a cottage full of cats.
Surely though the eastern european balilaika stuff was weirder than the dreaming ?

Anonymous said...

D'ya think she might include an updated version of Organis Acid on the new CD?


Ruk on Kate

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