18 July 2004


...see what I did there?

Joy Zipper - Check out my new Jesus the first thing I ever heard by them and still my favourite...it sounds like it should be part of the soundtrack for
Almost Famousa , not that it sounds particularly derivative or backwards facing but simply because it seems to encapsulate a time of hazed innocence when Summer didn't mean having to dodge belt-waisted, brycreamed meatheads in low-slung Vauxhall Astra convertibles playing Ibiza athemns at brain-stilling volume along the seafront.

Jessica Bailiff - Warren sounds a little like Sonic Boom's EAR or maybe the more ethereal Spectrum (that's drone-pop Spectrum not the avant-funk revivalists Spektrum) or maybe Bowery Electric...either way this is a sublime cake of near-shoegazing excellence with a voice that lilts you gently to sleep like a deaf baby placed on a generator overlooking the sea.

Joanna Newsom - Clam, Crab, Cockle and Cowrie - Joanna sounds somewhere between 13 and 89 years old, a displaced crackly voice that probably means more than she's telling. My favourite alt-countrified seafood song of the week, bar none.

Though Don Weeks - The Anemone inside me comes a decent second.

Julie Doiron - Faites de Beaux Reves - for some reason this reminds me of Mum, though it's obviously the wrong accent and the wrong language and there's none of the tinny, micro-beats that make Mum so special.

And as far as I know it's not about Swimming.

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