19 July 2004

Fire / Moon / Machine

I have no idea why I like The Fire Ants - Animal because on the surface it's just straightish female-fronted rock which could be any of a thousand LA bands humping around the circuit looking for their share of controversy. Then, scratch a little deeper and you still uncover nothing more than an honest L7ish grunginess so you go to the third level and find that...

I have no idea why I like this.

The Aggrolites - Lunar Eclipse on the other hand is the business. Excellent instrumental ska fun and frolics taking it's lead from late 60s jamaican ska and adding in a little bit of Jimmy Smithness. It makes me happy and it'll make you bounce like a fat magician.

Mogwai - Drum Machine out-take from Rock Action, previously only available on a split 10" with Bardo Pond (this track features The Remote Viewer who's latest album bridges the gap between anorak indie and glitch-hop minimalism.

This starts, goes on a bit and then ends. Mogwai do this kind of thing better than most but you have to ask: why do they do it at all?

I have no idea why I like this.

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