31 July 2004

Goblin / The Future Fear

I know absolutely nothing about this The Future Fear (not even sure there's a 'The" in the name), in fact I can't even remember downloading it and certainly can't ever remember playing but I was Party Shuffle mode in i-Tunes and it came up and now I want to know more. They sound a little like Goblin (Italo-horror movie soundtrackers always lurking in the shadows of Dario Argento films) fronted by a black metal singer with the early symptoms of encephalitus lethargica

The Future Fear - Lost - i'm not sure exactly what they've lost but I reckon the bookies aren't taking any bets that it's his mind.

And if you don't know Goblin then here's a taste:

Goblin - Profundo Rosso (remix)

Goblin - Gamma

Goblin - Drug's Theme

and while we're on horror nasties here's a few tracks I found while googling for Goblin:

The Corpsemaker - the Weird and the Violent which is apparently intended as a soundtrack to bizzare acts of ritualistic murder and is encoded with subliminal messages to ensure it does just that. (mm, i smell a lawsuit coming on, so if you like Marilyn Manson, wear a trenchcoat or hate your parents and school then probably best you don't listen)

The Corpsemaker - The Ballad of Ken Forehead

The website say The Corpsemaker is unsigned. How can this be?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

i was wondering why this sounded familiar to me but then itunes found the answer for me:
i already had some song from goblin on my ibook, la via delle droga. this comes from an album named beretta70 with italian movie themes on it.
my favourite is "man before your time" by franco micalizzi.
but the whole cd is worth buying.
bye, mutant ( http://eleg.antville.org )

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