31 July 2004

The Chickenhawks

Formed in 1995 by the husband and wife duo of Sioux City Pete and Betsy Badly (i guess they're the names given to them by Gawd) The Chickenhawks are often compared to early Gun Club and The Cramps and I guess those comparisons are not far off the mark. They play rock n roll / rockabilly straight, dirty and sound like they play the kind of clubs where "Watch out, Earl; we got us a motherfucking sheep-killing reader at the end of the bar" is the nearest the conversation ever gets to Tom Paulin on the Late Show.

De-construct away Deleuze and Guattari...

Punch Up

Which seems to be about the fun to be had when young people get together and decide to make their own fruit drinks for the Summer fete.

Rollin' and Tumblin'

The only song I know that namechecks the famed Sherborne Cheese Roll Race and Jeff Parksome, the man who's phobic of the letter 'g'. Awesome.

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gm2 said...

Thanks for the post. Looking forward to hearing these as its been too long since I've heard authentic rockabilly.

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