12 June 2004

Panda Bears

A musician and a filmaker and On the Farm are 2 early tracks from Panda Bear, now one half of The Animal Collective, one of my favourite Look at me, ma, I'm really quite insane bands of the moment. The name, though, continues to bother me.

I hate Pandas.

Using them to front the World Wildlife Fund is just a joke. I mean, they're practically begging for extinction: they only eat bamboo, which takes, like, a thousand years to grow (and you have to pay the price for fussy eating in my books); they refuse to mate even when sexy femme Pandas are shipped in as Sure Things (which smacks at the very least of laziness) and they look kinda like domestic abuse victims (actually, I like that).

All you pandas out there, get a grip. Eat a goddamn peach buddy...

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Soyola said...

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