03 June 2004


Well the old Idiot's Guide died a death due to my crappy understanding of HTML (it's still no better but now I'm not gonna try and be clever) and I never did manage to post a link to my new favourite Evil-Folk band, Comus. Well, I can't figure out how to host my own MP3s on the web (any suggestions gratefully received) but I did find a link to the track I wanted to post:

Comus - The Bite

Actually, while a lot of the stuff at Artrock Mp3s is pretty dodgy prog-rock stuff (unless you like psychedelic guitar-noodling elf-kings - actually, who doesn't?)there are a few good things I've uncovered for example:

The (EC) Nudes - O Pastor which is pretty cool in a i'm-sure-this-is-actually-complete-twaddle-but-i-kinda-like-it-anyhows kind of way.

See what you think...

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