25 June 2012

Libbe Matz Gang

Temporarily disorientated I stood like a lost child in the main concourse at Victoria station, clutching a flightcase full of electronic gadgets, wondering which platform I needed to head for in order to catch my connection to Bexhill.

Thankfully, an angel of mercy appeared at my side, in the earthly form of 'blogging bureaucrat' John 'Uncarved' Eden, and from there on the journey became a whole lot more enjoyable. At some point, John furtively handed me a 7" inch vinyl record (as you do) which, when I eventually got back home and played it, turned out to be a smashing collection of nine brief, throbbing, grizzled industrial vignettes squashed on 33rpm, complete with a sort of manifesto insert, by the mysterious Libbe Matz Gang.

John politely refused to tell me who was behind it, only stating that it was someone I know, or perhaps know of.  Judging by the fact that Hacker Farm get a 'thank-you' in the sleeve notes, this suggests that others in the former West Country blogging fraternity know this person or persons too. It crossed my mind that it might even be the work of John himself (afterall, he has been a bit uncharacteristically quiet and mysterious recently) though he categorically denies this accusation. But whatever/whoever, he has taken it upon himself to pimp this fine record, so I strongly urge you to head over to his blog and buy the thing immediately.

UPDATE: yeah; it's funny & fantastic; dark and short.... this is the kinda 7" vinyl nasty that I used to race my mates to Record Fairs to buy.... it might have come out on some odd little label (it has come out on some odd little label) circa 1982; very TG in a way that most things that people say are very TG aren't.... an ideal holiday gift for the British Summer... like the mystery too... you know it's really just someone knob twiddling in their home studio with equpiment from the charity shops (even Whitehouse ended up being some nerdy little knob twiddling guy) but... it could be a sinister cult group, a thrown together of miscreants & badmouths with manic hair and shark eyes, engaging in sigilising all over the street from their bedroom windows...

Is it white and sticky? A little, yeah...


Anonymous said...



How quickly you people forget LOL

Still, it was over a year ago. Glad you're enjoying it; it's fucking great!


Salvatore said...

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