23 January 2012

Psychological Strategy Board

Machine hum; ghost train clanking...or ghost trails... fogfucked mornings at the edge of the world;fishing boats rattling lobster pots against the shingle... the sea just about to swallow everything whole...http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif

Submarine noises; not sonar, the hum as it works its way through the swell... then the sound of a minor meltdown, the systems failing...

Humans may have been part of this recording but there's just a smear left, a ghost trail... this could be by the machines alone... you can't hear someone stabbing at the laptop, at the synths, twiddling the knobs of the Monotron... I'd be suprised if Paul and Jonny were even in the room when this music came out... they'll pretend they were (no one wants to admit the otherwise horror, the unspeakable creating the unplayable), they'll take the plaudits ("Oh yes; that particular tone took 3hrs of programming and is related to a parrot sound I heard in the forests of Barcelona...") but we know the truth; this is the result of the humans setting an agenda and then the machines interpreting it in their own way...

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