18 September 2010


A few musical observations on a train journey:

Xhol Caravan makes Reading Station glow; Coil's Die Wolfe Kommen Zuruck played loud sucks the train sounds into it and then spews them out sometime in the 30s, making everyone with a hat or facial hair look like a Poirot baddy - maybe not the Time Travel intended; LCD Soundsystem have always been Music For First Rail Adverts, they haven't *become* Music For First Rail Adverts; Dinosaur Feathers work as a beautifully adept/scornful soundtrack to children squabbling over polystyrene WW2 (Hurricanes, I think) fighter planes; Summer Dregs gave the effect of actually turning off the weather, if only for a few moments - in this instance, this isn't a good thing but you'd be an idiot not to see the future utility; Circulus sound 3x better when soundtracking a fat woman eating a homemade sandwich (mayonnaise though, will never look the same); Creation Rebel intros sound like the inside of babies' heads; Dennis Wilson works well if you imagine it being sung by the guy arguing with his wife about the nature of 'reserved'...

From The Wytch Machine...

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