02 September 2010

Gira Does Britney

Michael Gira sings 'Me' like Britney Spears sings 'Me'. Just a little pitchshift, even imagined, and you're there. It's not just the way they sing 'Me' either, the 'Me' itself is the same, or has the same intention, the same semi-autobiographical distance. Not true, but not false either. You can't rely on that 'Me' but you know that there's more to it than words.

This song would suit Britney. In fact, a lot of late period (haven't heard latter period yet) Swans would suit her. She ought to get on it.

Swans - Love Will Save You


Tim F said...

It’s as if Jorge Luis Borges had regained his sight, and when he looks into the mirror he’s turned into Louis Walsh.

Loki said...

i feel like that every day...

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