25 September 2008

Flower Electronics

I just liked the pun originally but now I want one of these bad boys:

as designed by noise monster-girl (sound artist) Jessica Rylan (who seems to have kind of reinvented the noise genre, with added swirls and flourishes and less of the My Dad's Bigger Than Your Dad vocalising) and used by her and Cody Renaldo (son of Lee, from Sonic Youth) and others I hadn't heard of like Tara Rogers.

There's a few MP3s of the little boy blue synthesiser at Disquiet and I guess more will tumble out over the years as people figure out what to do with it and why. All good clean/dirty fun.

Jessica Rylan - Gift For The Fan Boys

Jessica Rylan - Hide And Seek


N.E. said...

wow - not only is this blog coming back to life, it's also turning into Music Thing!

Cloudboy said...

ahhh, Jessica... she sure makes a mean noise sandwich...

Loki said...

i know... it thought it was dead in the water but i keep getting things to write about... perhaps it's because i've loosened up a little and just talk about any old crap now rather than things i think worthy of consideration... as for Music Thing well I'm a little away from that kind of tech fetishising but there's always time... and didn't you do a post about old tap[e delays once before nick?

and cloudboy... i'll put money on the fact that you've seen her play the Cube at some point?

N.E. said...

"i've loosened up a little and just talk about any old crap now rather than things i think worthy of consideration."

that's the only way to go!

"and didn't you do a post about old tap[e delays once before nick?"

machine-fetishism has been cropping up on my blog for ever.

Cloudboy said...

lucky guess loki, but i caught her in action at the Full Moon back in 05... sorta noise poetry meets nursery rhyme - was very impressed


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