24 May 2006

Nick's Twinkly Bitch

Open Letter to Nick Gutterbreakz: don't cut yourself up about it mate, your blog has been an inspiration to many (myself included) and whatever the tygrants say (those planks on the dubstep forum - jeesus), in the early days the Grime/ Dubstep MP3s pn Gutterbreakz went a long way towards helping the scene get going (even I bought a few records!). I hope you do a Doppelganger and phoenix somehow somewhere else and when you do, please, we want more of the personal stuff: they were always my favourite bits (young Nick with a ghettoblaster, playing an Emerson monster-valve, farting about in the garage - that was Gutterbreakz for me...).

Of course, you're always welcome to purge n go on here if you want - it's the nearest the web gets to anonymous.

Anyway, those controversial Dubstep MP3s to follow...

But first something twinkly and happy to settle things down.

Aoki Takamasa and Tujiko Noriko - Fly 2

A Yousendit KalmachaMeaLeon


I am not Kek-w said...

Yeah: go, Nick, go!

N.E. said...

aww shucks, fellas. its shame, cos i liked my blog, y'know. but now its tainted. too many so-called 'souljahs' looking over my shoulder. reckon i'll be going 'freelance' for awhile...

farmer glitch said...

hope to see ya back soon Nick also - personally no idea what the fuss is about - will miss your updates until they return !!

hector23 said...

I always enjoyed Nick's historic music posts and personal stuff the most. Screw those guys if they can't take a joke, fuckin machismo.

I absolutely would never have gotten into dubstep if he had not turned me on to it. Good promotion like that doesn't grow on trees.

Keep your head up Nick.

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