03 August 2004

The Slits


I've just bought their album Cut on CD after the vinyl version warped it's way down the back of the sofa and I've played it enough times now for the tunes to start leaking through. I'd never really noticed them before.

So, in celebration here they are. Ladies and Gentlemen: The Slits.

The Slits were never the most talented punk/post-punk band but they remain an unique distillation of the themes of DIY rock, helped bring Dub music to white boys (and girls) and gradually their records have crept into the cultural consciousness like a small autistic boy at a wedding reception.

And they did this to Marvin Gaye's classic:

I Heard it Through the Grapevine (from Cut)

Gotta love 'em for that.


Jim H said...

Oh, so awesome... I have "Typical Girls" in my current box of vinyl... I'm planning on doing it next along wtih Mooseheart Faith.

Anonymous said...

Solid. Thanks!


Spoilt Victorian Child said...

Love 'Em.
Cut is a classic.
Agree with JimH, Typical Girls... Mmmm
Used to be a regular of mine when i played out.


MTS said...

im glad they tacked this onto the reissue of "cut," since the live version on that slits bootleg fails to do it justice.

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