10 June 2004


Jonathan Meades novel Pompey was re-released earlier this year and I recommend anyone who likes what they see/hear here to immediately buy it.

Along the way there's a pygmy hunt (my second favourite adventure holiday), coprophilia, small children eaten by alligators, a guy with metal in his head, amateur terrorism, a human blood bank, a gerontophiliac (look it up!), the Church of the Best Ever Redemption, fireworks, crucifixions, sex viruses and much much less...

All of this and it's written with a love for the english language that is, I'm sure, unsurpassed. The only reason this didn't win every literary prize going is because after reading it you tend to feel, well, a little soiled.

Trust me, it's the kind of unreconstructed filth you all need in your lives.

BTW, thanks to NeverCameHome for plugging me! I thoroughly recommend you check them out.

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