30 September 2015

Dennis Smalley - Pneuma

I like the way this sucks and wheezes. It reminds me of my future. One day, I'll be at a bus stop and this will be the last sound I make. I'm looking forward to it.

28 September 2015

Roots of Goa trance (2)

This was something that fascinated me a while ago. Still fascinates me. Uchronie never really took off, though.

I need some people.

The thing is, the essay I linked to in the above post has a related sub/sur-Acid mix and that mix is now here. It's currently sound-tracking some marking of essays related to the Cognitive Approach and seems fairly apposite.


12 September 2015

3 Candidates & a Broken20 Robot

To coincide:

From the good people at Broken20 who we've been championing at the bit since the early days of this blog. This about nails it, I think. It would be nice to see the companion track (if it exists), Corbyn bathed in warm light, Boards of Canada smoothness, gentle Ghost Box hues, a lulling McKenna voice, telling us what we need to hear & maybe, perhaps perhaps perhaps even believing it.

CBK ROBOTS from Broken Twenty on Vimeo.

I like Burnham bot best. The real Andy Burnham.
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