23 April 2015

Paul McCartney's Temporary Secretary

For one thing, it isn't proto techno, drum n bass or anything like that. People keep telling me it is (those people, always telling) and I keep listening to hear whatever it is they're hearing but... no. Just a regular, pretty weak, McCartney song with bleeps and bloops over it... smeared, making dogs of us all. There's nothing technological, nothing experimental here. You're not thinking it through. McCartney as true innovator of The Beatles is a well-worn narrative - yes but Stockhausen! yes but Delia Derbyshire! yes but hitting a piano with a mallet! - but 1) it's really boring and 2) so is almost everything about The Beatles. I can't even be bothered to hate them.

But this attempt to make Macca a part of something he's not is just... intolerable... go back to the sing-a-long-a-ding-dong ditties Sir Paul, go back to the Olympics, the Queen... just, er, Get Back

And the actual lyrics of this monstrosity: Jesus. I mean, you may not care if she's a belly dancer or whatever Sir Paul but she could be, you know, a, er, he that you're employing on what we can only assume is a proto-zero hours contract.

So maybe he is an innovator, after all.

1 comment:

pete23 said...

Oh. That is horrid.

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