18 May 2014

Current 93 in St John's Church

Well, Current 93 played up the road at Glastonbury and ever since I've been in a wormhole of Coptic optics, spinning back into Tamlins, Faerie Queens / Old Spencer lies, digging deeper into Gnostic philosophy (those guys are bobbing mental) & medieval psychoanalysis. I got seriously into this stuff years ago when I lived in Brighton and just dossed around second hand stores chatting to the owners and finding new places to search for alchymical routes. The gig brought it all back. It worked.

I go in and out of Current 93 obsessions; sometimes whole months go by and I'm just not in the mood for them but, as ever, you see a band live and even some of the minor tracks are bathed in new light. The new piano player is a revelation live and those guys from The Groundhogs rock worlds. Lovely to see David Tibet so in awe of his band, as well. He clearly loves them and they elevate him.

As ever, as Above.

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