11 March 2014

Kemper Norton - Working

Well, we at An Idiot's Guide To Dreaming (it's mostly me now, tbh. I don't know where other guys have gone) have been awed by the presence of Kemper Norton ever since the heady (ahem) 'silver-age' of Blogs (well, before that; me and Kemper go waaaaay back, heh) when many people even questioned his identity - it was assumed he was Joanna Newsom, for a time* - and now, of course he needs no introduction, having thrust himself into the front of a pack of very hungry avenging folk angels. But still, whether he needs it or not, we'll keep the promotions coming because he's one of us and in this increasingly antagonistic and fuck-everything time that;s gotta mean something...

Plus, he's getting better and better, the crafty little spanner...

*by no-one, no-one at all

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