26 November 2013

Peter Christopherson - Farther Son (Coil are gone)

There's still stuff out there, not enough. Tangible (almost) Coil things, lost things, things that make sense (or would have one day made sense). I miss new Coil things, there's just not enough. It feels like you wanted Jhonn and Sleazy to have no lives at all, to just produce, to just give when you knew that that would never be, that that was missing the point entirely. There's lots of Coil stuff out there of course but you just can't get enough and other members or associates often sound like Coil, a little. I quite often get glimpses of their stuff. Comically; I thought yesterday some of my IX Tab stuff was Coil - maybe wearing my influences a little thinly (thickly?) there, maybe put those tracks on the DVD release - and there's a definite sense of... it (id) in some of Drew McDowell's Compound Eye stuff and some of Kemper Norton's stuff - the exotic pylon album in particular is a masterclass - and and and...

It's just so goddamn annoying that they're dead.

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