12 April 2013

Ubu Roi

A mate has just given a glowing recommendation for the latest Cheek By Jowel production of Ubu Roi and it seems perfect timing; a mad old lady dead, a blustering insane King with equally carnivorous / cadaverous servants and nobles; an uncommon disregard for the commoners and the surreality within this damned little country of ours which causes it to erupt into vicious apathy at the first sign of trouble... By all accounts, Cheek By Jowel do the work a great justice (I've seen it straight and for laughs, this seems to understand that straight is for laughs, even if the laughter is very much in the dark. I say all this but I haven't seen it and probably won't get up to London to see it before it ends but I have seen ( I think ) a Cheek By Jowel production of the Duchess Of Malfi and that was one of the only versions I'd seen (I watched a lot standing in for the Drama dept for a term a long long time ago) that nailed the Lycanthropy exactly and got the Duchess just right, the madness just mad; got everything perfectly...

So, I'm recommending this without seeing it, a terrible sin perhaps but surely, if you ever thinking of going to see this play, now is the time?

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