02 February 2013

The Philips Pavilion

Image via here

I dreamed the Philips Pavilion survived and appeared at the roadside, deepest Somerset. It was just there, an anti-Shard. Inside, all kinds of electronic mangles and sprayed sound - the sound sprayer (yes, literally) was shaped like one of those Russolo machines, only sort of crossed with an umbrella (the operator called it Mary Poppinson) and wouldn't let anyone else play it. Things got sort of mixed up with the opening of Jamie and the Magic Torch:

and, after that, all I remember is me and Kek and Steve (you'll know 'em as Hacker Farm) and 2ndFade trying to get at the instruments before the thing was demolished again by guys in diggers and dumper trucks.

I wish Xenakis was there, he'd have sorted the fuckers. I reckon Xenakis was pretty hard.

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