28 July 2012

Unicorn Hard-On

Yeah, I dunno: the name, the sounds all piled up like that.... there's just something brilliantly removed about this that makes me wonder why I haven't stumbled across her work before... it's not so much inspired as fed, or inspired like wet fingers in plug sockets inspire abstract dance. Unicorn Hard-On are seriously underrated, I reckon.

There's something for everyone I think, as long as everyone includes 8 bits & flashing kittens & tumbling shrieks of electronics... how could it not? She just piles and lets things fly but there's also an organisation and musicality here that you often don't get with this kind of thing, a sense that it's not just about the electronics and the noise... there's a love and a care and an attention to detail, a sense that the music really is going somewhere and intended for something, though it might be tricky to figure out exactly what that thing might be.

There's a demented intensity and will about this music which I love.

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