10 May 2012

Colour Sound Oblivion Coil

Love this Val Denham portrait. It manages somehow to capture an intensity and a normality, a humanity... this is the kind of portrait I'm sure Houellebecq was on about in The Map And The Territory. A rare thing. I found this again here, where there's loads of Coil related images, scans, covers etc. Some of which I've never seen before (and I've looked... a lot) Glad someone's still fanning the flames. Miss them. There's also a brilliant Cyclobe interview here . I especially like this bit:
I'm not saying music has to be complicated, or that it has to take a long time to make to be interesting, but I do think people need to take more time. The world is too 'now' orientated and we're littering, smothering each others’ minds with all this uncensored mundanity.
It's something too few people say. Another, incidentally, saying much the same thing is Kevin Shields, of course and he's also been interviewed at the Quietus. Really interesting. Anyway, if it's possible to be bored with nowness, I think I am. It's a seductive quality, spontaneity (or valuing spontaneity) but... maybe it's run its course for a little while. Time and Place. Take your time, folks...

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