10 September 2011

Hacker Farm @ Forage

Managed to drag the kids down to St. Werburghs to catch Hacker Farm's matinee performance at Forage earlier today. The technical problems of playing outdoors in a Willow Dome meant that they were running a bit behind schedule. The kids got bored, absolutely hated Brown Sierra, plus I'd pissed-off the Feral Trade char lady by asking for milk in my tea (I chucked a fiver in the donation box - is it too much to expect a bit of dairy produce??), so we sloped off for a walk down the road to the city farm, for a look at the pigs. By the time I managed to drag the kids back, Hacker Farm were into the concluding phase of their performance. So it goes. But I managed to record some audio-visuals for your pleasure...

You may notice that this is extraordinary music being played in an extraordinary setting, on extraordinary instruments, through extraordinary speakers, at an extraordinarily low volume, to an extraordinarily small, half-alert audience, in broad daylight. If that seems slightly surreal, imagine what it was like actually being there.

Well, I just hope that there's a massive, appreciative audience for their second performance, which is probably happening right now, whilst I type this.

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