02 September 2011

Cream Of Turner

You don't often get feedback direct from the bands you revihttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifew; I guess most never even see their reviews or are content to bathe in praise/ignore the criticisms... self-sealing must be a prerequisite for bands these days; better to find your own corner of the internet, find a place where everybody knows your name, listen to them and just smile or say thanks in person when you see them at gigs... an incestuous cycle perhaps, but one almost necessary for the smaller labels... who cares if someone doesn't like your stuff? Itt's easyish to shift 500 Ltd editions, providing a 1/3 of your twitter/blog/facebook fans are willing to stump up the cash...

But I digress... I came home late last night to find an exquisite little thankyou from the Cream Of Turner people; a thick little card:

And on the back a really sweet and heartfelt note, thanking me for the review of the Sunlore and Heart Land LPs I reviewed here and then remixed here...

I thought the label was definitely one to watch and I hope this kind of attention to detail (in a field increasingly governed by mass email PR shittings where earnest young PR people send emails to apologise for sending emails that you keep asking them not to keep sending) will prevail... I hope someone who reads this or Freq actually buys the albums, even to disagree and pick a fight with me (especially to disagree with me; does no one disagress with anyone any more?)

I hope these guys can keep going. We need this kind of stuff, these kind of people.

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