09 July 2011

Run DMT in the style of Nietzsche

Liking: though none more morose than the 'liker', the stolen wish-fulfiller who ran with Eros and then took out her younger sister!

The inexplicable signs of reason compete and manifest, all for nothing, yes and always yes, but a wondrous nothing of escapes and a tired lack of reason itself is a while away, still.

The worst of these bands - the typologies, as far as can be written down and de-meaned, can hope to compete in a market of what were then called marketing opportunities and are now called marketing opponents.

The impersonal takes stage - but from these small beginnings, come masters of loyalty and merchandising; there are better things here than there, for that you can be certain... and if you worry that the task is still to turn a man into a machine then, remember, that these men go willingly into the soul of the machine and are willing combatants of humanity and occupants of a guiding role for machines.

With Will, comes accident. Let it always be soul-raking but never misunderstood!

Faith is needed - and necessary and incomplete; you can understand most of this by looking at a t-shirt or a loose bit of clothing. But where Faith is necessary, there lies a spark of currency, to still the blood...

And what of Kant, the dog and the doggerel of Psychology? If those tired eyes still seek a categorical imperative, rather than it's zippier cousin, it's smiling Man For All Seasons*, then I would suggest a headshake in your direction, a motif merely and a sense that perhaps these Men, if you are among them, seek beauty in simple forms, in 'mere bagatelles'

For more eat here or here or here, and wisely.

*which is not the same, no matter how much the universalists and the curanderos and the geneticists - Eugene and his terrible brothers - think it is...

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