07 March 2011

Kraftwerk at The Johnson Hall

Kraftwerk played my old home town Yeovil? OK, so I'd have been 3 or something so didn't go but still... Kraftwerk played Yeovil.


ekolad said...

kraftwerk? big fucking deal. a.j. webber was a total babe - totally stunned she played yeovil, man..

I am not Kek-w said...

Think I mentioned this one a couple times before back in the day, Sax....to this day I can't remember why I didn't go - me and my mate Ken were into Autobahn big time - Ken went, but I didn't - I went to pretty much all the shows there round that time, so not sure why I missed that - possibly ill or broke or something - one of few musical regrets of my life. They roadtested "TransEuropean Express" on that tour. Ken told me all about it.

Loki said...

I'll have to check out AJ, Nick... and Kek, I thought you'd told me about this sometime... I'm hoping you missed it because of alien abduction or something... have you checked yer skullcap recently for dislodging?

I am not Kek-w said...

I also missed AC / DC on their first UK tour.

I did see Thin Lizzy there with only about 50 people in the audience; they were great; a few months later they released "The Boys Are Back in Town".

Focus were incredible. I saw them at the same venue 18 months ago and - shockingly - they were almost as good. Thijs autographed a bunch of my vinyl.

Best show there was Hawkwind '74; I'll post the programme some time.

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They roadtested "TransEuropean Express" on that tour. Ken told me all about it.

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