13 December 2010

Old Is New Is

I like the oldWave creepings from OneOhtrix, Dylan Ettinger, Raoul Rorschach etc. They've sometimes added steel, other times they've smoothed/gritted tracks. They've broken machines and fixed them. They've addled information and occasionally come up for air. All good. But this year I've used these bands more than I've bought them (some are on my Christmas list). Used them to relisten to their antecedents, in fact used them to find more of their antecedents...

The new kosmiche is as good as the old, in parts. The old was only good in parts too.

The spread of gatefold LPs is welcome too. Friendly. As of Summer 2010, I stopped buying CDs and only bought albums again (this was mostly to do with having a new house and new daybed looking out into the garden and new positioning for my record player, now dusted and looking brilliantly old, nee retro).

I've had a little less time for music but I've given it more time. I've listened a little more intently, let it press as many buttons as it could. There's maybe 10 albums and 12"s now which I can hear phrase for phrase, swirl for swirl. In MP3 shuffle era that seems like a lot.

And the old stuff, rediscovered and reformulated, really seems like it was predicting the future...

One thing though. From what I've heard this year, I don't think Eno did any of the Kosmiche guys any good.

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Ci-Sun said...

I don't think that this is the best place to start exploring Schulze's expansive discography, but is an essential listen for every fan of electronic music. A better strart would be Moondawn. This is one of the most rewarding listening experiences I've had. This album is definitely a masterpiece of Progressive Electronic music, a must for any fan of the genre!!!

"Old Is New Is" - this is true 100% !!!

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