29 September 2010

Zola Jesus

Oh, so that's where Danielle Dax has been. Knew she couldn't just be fucking around with UnicaZurn album covers. Scrubs up well, our Danielle.

Welcome too, to our new-old post label: Gert Big Goths, inspired partly by Speakers Push Air

Zola Jesus? I'm still undecided - the dubbier it gets the better. I think I might really like it, but I'm not willing to commit, just yet. Actually, I think Zola Jesus hasn't quite decided either - the music lurches from album to album, refuses to settle; I like that, even the stuff I don't like, I'm glad it's there. Certainly, there's bits I love and I really like the collaboration with LA Vampires (hate the name LA Vampires though) - love the No No No cover/reinvention.

Quite like this one too. As 80s as a Vaughan Oliver sleeve, though.

Zola Jesus - Sea-Talk



John Eden said...

Ha! I was gonna write something about them as well, but you've saved me the bother. I hate their No No No version, but agree that the rest of that LP is their best work, and that generally they are better with some bass behind em rather than all that wispy stuff.

Loki said...

No No No No? No! (No)

(There's No Lim-it!)

Viagra Online without prescription said...

I hete her no no no version too, damn it sounds so gritty. anyway good post!

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