02 July 2010

Gold Blood go Italo

So, Gold Blood. Anyone?

There's the name, I suppose. Gold and Blood being the old, odd Alchymical Twins. And I don't want to judge these guys before I've heard anything by them but, consider this and wonder if someone hasn't just emptied the entire contents of their playlist onto the page...

“A darkly, self-consciously melodramatic and brilliantly OTT mix of Fantomas, Coil, Vex’d and Virgin Prunes.” Time Out

I mean, that would be good wouldn't it? Though it does also describe early Coil so perhaps the part will eat the (w)hole...

Not sure who wrote the Time Out review. Not even sure that it was written; smacks of robot logic, a Pandora Radio review, an amalgam of iTunes or Amazon page views.

“Sounds like White Zombie gone Italo – amazing!” Wanstead Flats

I can see it. Sort of. I think more things should go Italo. Thinking about putting together an Everything Goes Italo megamix...

I'll check them out. I'm curious.

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