09 June 2010

Ike Reiko Blues

Don't you just hate it when you've plugged the iPod* into the speakers, shoved it on shuffle and an Ike Reiko sexgasping orgasmatrack comes on just when your Mum's visiting?

Forgot to say that you can find some more on Ike Reiko at the ever-reliable, steamroller of a Blog, Mutant Sounds... which may have been where I first came across her...

Actually, during a brief Google for more on Ike Reiko (I won't say my search terms) I found a whole series of stuff on this blog which I'd completely forgotten about. Although now, An Idiot's Guide is clearly a doyen of taste and discrepancy and general good grammer way back in the past it was nothing more than an odd repository of solarised women and slutty record covers.

Check these out: Babe-a-licious Times!

I'm ashamed, but I still think I might return to those times, sometime soon.

*apologies to anyone who feels that my Apple-bobbing affects their delicate mythos / makes their blood boil / drags some terrible trauma into their naked consciousness...

From The Wytch Machine...

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