03 June 2010


Keep hearing Colleen on soundtracks, through windows, in other people's lives... Missed her somehow in my life; an artist I think I feel I should know better. Who's to tell? All the stuff I hear sounds great, is that representative?

Even to me, this feels more like a Tweet. Mixed Mediatosis.

Colleen - Summer Water

Colleen - The Heart Harmonicon

Lost the will to separate. Perhaps temporary.

'Francis likes to talk' - Watson on Crick.

Maybe Colleen is here too, alongside Dawkins on Genius of Britain. She is getting everywhere.

Colleen - The Golden Morning Breaks

I can't write without italics. Not sure why. Or rather, think i know but would prefer to look away. Will return to this maybe. Always return.

Curse this rotten Wytch Machine.

From The Wytch Machine...

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