08 May 2010

Someone Somewhere...Cracksdown!!!

One of several new versions of the Cabs' classic "The Crackdown", by 'thinking-man's diva' Billie Ray Martin. I picked this one cos the video is more in keeping with the spirit of the original (and features a guest appearance by a very craggy-looking Mal near the end) though each version seems to suggest another shade of meaning, a new way of interpreting, which even applies to Mal's opening 'quote': the original recording has barely dated in terms of its methodology, structure or lyrical concerns. Now, how many other electronic records from 1983 can make that claim...?

(Aaah, don't worry about it, love, you just stick to yer "Hits Of The '80s" nostalgia-fest. Ultravox. Howard Jones. Nick Kershaw. The 'official' history.)

(Note to Loki: You did not write this in your sleep. I'm still popping by occasionally until such time as you decide to crackdown on those pesky 'contributors'.)

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