02 April 2010

Hauntology and The Dead Genres

(Opening stabmental music of Battlestar Galactica)

Well, it started happening almost before it began...

It's had legs, creeped under The Wire (stomped on The Wire's face).

It was foretold.

And tried to reason with French Philosophy and

even Jodie Marsh had a little dig.

Once, it even started to decay, right before our eyes...






An End.

This is what the Mayans meant. Hauntology's just the beginning. All genres will start to crumble, a Musical Eschatology is being born, ready for the end. The Genres have been tearing apart for a long time and the consequent creation of new ones has been escalating, trying to keep pace.

Too late.

No New New Age Advanced Ambient Motor Musik Machine.

No Gola Trance.

How fitting that Hypnagogic Pop wasn't especially hypnagogic or pop.

Never liked the End of History argument but...

Simon, seems to have a cackle in his post though. He saw it coming. Played the game and will continue to play the game right to the end. My suspicion is that he was done with the genre a while back and was already looking for a some kind of fix.

And now little Wikipedia, that bastion of Peer Reviewed mulch, is kicking off..

There may be life yet, of course. Hauntologies. And a resurrection can't be impossible in a genre like this... when every turn of every timbre may cause some thud of awakening - yeah, right now it's Open University programming, old Doctor Who, Children Of The Stones but tomorrow the New Haunts might be evoking Timbaland or Jam and fucking Spoon (I hope it goes the way of LSD Nikon, loved that track) or...



A rebirth of


(Honestly, back in the day; we all thought this was gonna be huge, didn't we?)

Sweet Exorcist?


Sweet Exorcist - Test Four

Sourced from Harpski.com

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