29 March 2010

Dead Music (or Jello does Jazz Hands)

Jello Does Jazz Hands

...watching the Synth Britannia at the BBC thing on Saturday in a slightly hypnafug, itchy-eyed, drowned state and Bryan Ferry kept morphing into Jello Biafra... watch again, they've got the same drawl with only a slightly different accent, the same head movements ( Ferry is 1/3 of the pace, is less frenetic), they dance the same.

When Jello gets all croony, like on:

The Dead Kennedys - Saturday Night Holocaust

the spirit of Ferry takes him, makes him an awkward, flip-haired, jazz lounge ghoul... it's where Jello should have gone; gone some way inbetween the spazz chords of The DKs and his spoken-word pops of the later years (I love them but they're not keepers... or at least they don't get much play)... maybe something like the Steven Jessie Bernstein album, with more singing... more eruptions (The SJB album has it's moments but it meanders rather than propulses).

Yeah, I know he did stuff with Country dudes and HipHoppers (the Coldcut stuff was excellent, I thought) and dabbled with the WaxTrax boys but his singing didn't really go too many places and I thought that voice of his, that Ferry Ghost, could have pulled us all along into some odd places...

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