12 January 2010

Uffie's Pop Sexing

In the old spirits, flying... there used to be scenes of wonder in here. Cheryl bringing her milkshake to the yard...

Uffie - Pop The Glock

But Uffie seems resistant to breakthrough. Pure Pop, but congealed somehow; stopped in her tracks. Not real? Too real?

The hyper-sex doesn't help; you wouldn't catch La Roux or Little Boots sexing like that all over the place; there's comes in little slivers of sex, tastefully distributed, not slutting all over the place like a, well, European...

It's been a while since the little indie boys suckered up over Beatrice Dalle's plucked eyes; Uffie might not be French but it's in her bones now.

Mr Oizo - Steroids (Feat Uffie)

And all the while Uffie is a label that seeks a solace. The places for her are fast receding. 2010 might see a return to pop-sex, to brutalist-pop but she needs to hang in the right places, do a M.I.A. - extricate herself from the gallic shrugging semi-seriousness; go full on from the Valentine's Day release of her album and shear the world.

Glastonbury, Other Stage, 2010? The Pop Queen of this year?

Pop would be better for it, I think. There's a little light at the end of the tunnel. Lady Ga Ga might show the way to go - bring some cultural noise, keep your teeth bared at all times, remember the bad old disco days, stop needing to be Peachy, start needing to be Cheryl Cole for the blank generation, the nuits blanches...

Uffie - Hot Chick


james89 said...

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oh god ..cheryl crow drives me mad in that bad girl outfit. Incredible post.

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