16 December 2009


Martin great on the best music to fall asleep to. There was a number of years when I could only fall asleep to music so I must have done my own accidental experiments. Though this makes it sound like a Humphrey Davy laughing gas party when I guess it was more the sound of elongated (Damon and Naomi) sigh and the occasional winsome (NWW) creak. I think I tried a lot of the same things as Martin - this was the only time I listened to Soliloquy For Lilith; I found it an excellent tool for sleep and dreams - but I understand what he means about Time Machines; it's too invasive. I can barely listen to it when wrapping presents (tried this recently, with spectacular results not dissimilar to Christo's wrapping of the Reichstag).

Time Machines (Coil) - Everything Keeps Dissolving

The best music was music that dribbled. Music in dots. The first two Aphex Twin albums were always good. Anything produced by Peter Namlook, of course, was more or less intended for people to lie down and start counting as were various Divination albums, a few of the Mixmaster Morris I Think Therefore I Ambient albums, later on I guess I found sleep attracted to Fennesz and a lot of the Touch stuff, including the odd freakish turn towards Chris Watson's recordings of swallowing cranes or wading hippos. At some point I tried to make my way into stuff like Ligeti or even the dronier side of Xenakis but there were too many odd angles and surprises in there for a true sleep-dip and...............

(read Martin's stuff, I'm getting all sludgy just thinking about this)

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if you need music to help you chill, check out untravelledpath.com the stuff posted there is much more than ambient syrup, but it will do the job.

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