27 November 2009

The Hare And The Moon

The little ipod that runs my alarm clock - sets the tone for the day etc - keeps shuffling onto tracks from this album; my favourite sludgey, Wicker Man, experimental folk album of the year so far.

It's almost straight folk (at least compared to the Sunburned, American beardy weirdys, Four Tet, Music To Play In The Dark folk tangents ) but there's weird bits around all the edges and in all the corners... odd TV soundbites (Children Of The Stones? I'd have to check), Death In June drumming, frazzled guitar lines, odd angles... but all done with a lightness of touch uncommon in these fields... there's a hint of humour in amongst the sex and violence and a cackling, belladonna sense of darkness and light...

Unlike many claimants, this really could have been an alternative soundtrack to The Wicker Man...

1 comment:

Dubversion said...

thanks for the heads up on this, what a wonderful album. Good call on the DIJ drums too, in fact if anything - to extend your comparison re: the Wicker Man - it sounds like Dreams Less Sweet-era PTV foing the soundtrack.

Lovely stuff.

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