01 October 2009

Position Normal

A mysterious, unheralded email with a yousendit attachment has appeared in my inbox from Chris Bailiff of Position Normal, er, fame. I'm at work and so am locked out of the yousendit spaces and I'm not going to have access to my home 'puter for a few days so it's gonna have to stay mysterious. Maybe it's a complete mp3 edit for the new Position Normal fetish cassette which I haven't bought because I don't have a cassette player (though i might get one anyway. just because i like the colour)?

I'll find out on Monday.

For the Mnemonically inclined, or else those style besotted with the H word, then Position Normal's Goodly Time and Stop Your Nonsense albums are excellent scrawls and crawls through old baggage, stuck public service announcements, twitchy C81 rhythms and general sampladelic mischief... very (s)light of hand, and very cassette orientated... (like the best bits of, say, The Tape Beatles only more open-spaced, less dense - in both senses of the word) ...almost as if all the bands in Rip It Up And Start Again have been oddly conflated and given a sense of humour. The Past Sound Of Now.

Great stuff...

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