28 October 2009

Delorean - Ayrton Senna EP

In the midst of a hellish day, when all music seemed wrong, Delorean's seasun came on and made me happier. There's elements of Global Communications 'benevolent' music plus the usual dollops of acid-house stranded shoegaze (as opposed to the mythic, blank-eyed, white-night strand of shoegaze); it's friendly in it's DNA, one of the least antagonistic musics I've been able to hear this week. A beuatiful, rose-tinted gauze when needed. It also contrasted bluntly with the understated malevolence of the next track - Shackleton's Moon Over Joseph's Burial - which made me want to throw someone in front of a train.

Download Seasun here and smile along.


Anonymous said...




Loki said...

the above is translated by Babelfish as:

"The roll play, massages the stick, jumps the egg, the appeal jumps the egg, the appeal, the appeal thing, the clothes butterfly, the sensation novel|Seventh night of the seventh lunar month sweetheart, a night of sentiment, The lubricant, SM, the underwear, the sexy underwear, the self-consolation, the gasification baby, AV, G spot, the sexy T-shaped trousers, the appeal, the roll play clothing, the suspenders sock, the T-shaped trousers, jump wireless the egg, Massages the stick, massages the stick electrically operated, the airplane cup, consoles oneself the wrap, consoles oneself the wrap, the appeal thing, the appeal underwear, the appeal massage stick."

and while I'm still looking for the relevance of this to Seasun per se, I have to say I like the idea of The Appeal Massage Stick and expect to be buying one very soon...

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