08 October 2009

Bloggers' WAGs is Go

A repository of the astute, mischievous, blase, rat-infested, paranoiac, half-baked, half-arsed, beatific, mendacious, sorry-owled, frivolous, crepuscular, moon-addled, canny, circumspect, broked-limbed, supercilious, sanguine and blown-fused critical comments from the wives and girlfriends of your favourite, self-esteemed, male cultural critics and bloggers. Inspired by a throwaway comment that perfectly encapsulated the life-work of David Bowie - "Murgh, murgh, murgh; I live on Mars" - this attempts to find the real truth behind the multiple metaphors and verbal pile-ups of the blogging world and keeps begging the question: "How much of the incandescent NOW will be remembered in the clip-shows of the future?"

I'm hoping this will end up being hugely inappropriate and sagely informative in more or less equal measures. Let's see. As ever, if you want to get involved, add your own WAG (or HAB) etc then drop me a line with your email and I'll invite you to join...


andy said...

hi loki,

this web page confuses me a bit and i see no way of contacting you outside of these comments, so forgive the intrusion, but you are truly my only link to a very important desire:

in april of 2006 you posted a blog in regards to an old audio tape you found. the audio was of robert oglive crombie discussing his experiences with nature spirits.

i have gone to the ends of the earth (including the findhorn foundation) to find any additional information or ancient copies. you seem to be the only human on earth with this tape.

would you be willing to sell it? to sell a copy of it?
to perhaps turn it into a mp3 and sell that?

robert crombie is truly one of my heroes and i would absolutely love, love, love to hear that tape.

thanks for your help, and i apologize once again for this message being in 'the wrong place.'

andy said...

hi loki,

this is andy again, i guess it would have made sense to have left my email address: foundinthefog@yahoo.com thanks.

Anonymous said...




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