17 August 2009


Bought May on DVD for 75p* at a boot sale on Sunday. Liked it, especially the bit about necks. Sure I've seen this film before and then forgotten it but can't figure out how to test my memory in that way anymore. The mechanic / love interest guy in it looks like someone I knew at Uni who seemed to believe he might be Jim Morrison (or maybe he meant James Morrison) and ended up singing himself into a bout of gangrene. I think he might have played Jesus at some point.
The final scene works despite itself and the slowburnings of the first hour or so make this something a little more than you'd expect from a (sort of ) Zombie and Cheerleader flick.
Slightly disorientating to see Anna Faris in there too; like watching Dawson in The Rules of Attraction. Great stuff.
*no idea why you have to know how much I paid for this but I'm working on it and i'll get back to you... I'm pretty sure I've done this kind of thing before

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