29 June 2009

Fire: Saturday's Glastonberries

Erik Truffaz w/ Murcof - Leaf-like glitters, slightly spazzd beats. Dark and Hopeful, like Mexico according to Bolaño.

Dizzee Rascal - accidentally / deliberately famous. Music for dancing on one leg, waiting for the cramps to subside. A smile in sound.

La Roux - Music for beautifully bitter teenage girls and awkward guys with those 'dislocated thumbs' dancing hands...

The Klaxons - Dayglo socks for the blind. Magickal populism.

Then an evening spent lurching round the fire pits and skulls of Trash City;

and in the Drag Strip, watching transvestite versions of Alice Cooper spin through the air, blasting out Poison, watching disembodied voices lurching across a stage that looks like (and I guess is supposed to look like) the Titty Twister from Dusk Til Dawn...

then accidentally watching an onstage beatbox competition...then dancing to bizarre bluegrass covers of Radiohead, Abba and Beyonce in a fifties Diner in Shangri La... before finding ourself in a middle of a Sci-Fi film from the 80s, watching Evil Nine playing inside a steam punk surveillance tower (only this time nothing remotely Bentham; no bugger is watching anyone because they're all as wasted as a Sunshine Bus, stranded without medication) while Victorian streetlights exploded into flame...

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