21 April 2009

Portal Music

This kind of thing has been discussed many times before of course but it was good to see Blissblogger kicking the issue off again here because this is a much missed strategy in music papers / interviews which now seem to focus more or less exclusively on the moment itself, its place in the musical continuum, what they are going to do next... perhaps this is an unfortunate side effect of the new media / web 2.0: the need to be on (an in!) the next thing before the next person, to be already bored with the present and looking to the future... it's even worse in the forums where as early as 2005 people could be found discussing the death of Grime, Dubstep etc in the faint hope that something else would wrestle them from their sleep.

I think the focus on the past, on influences that shape musical understanding, is something that should be valued again. A type of interview where ephemeral, non-musical interests are foregrounded, where the music itself is left to stand alone as part of a wider cultural system.

I guess this might explain the hothousing of Hauntology as a phenomenon - bloggers want a return to the old journalism even more than they want an echo of 1970s futurism and Ghost Box et al plays right into their hands with it's myriad referencing system; seductive to Dadbloggers like me who want to scurry to find out stuff (or even better, rediscover stuff we've left behind - Lovecraft, The Willows, kids films on Screen Test...)

(((The Observer Music Magazine's recent focus on artschool music is another jumping off point though it didn't really attempt to elaborate on anything not previously covered - the Velvet Underground and Roxy Music are influenced by art shock!)) )

I've mentioned many times the very direct influence that the Scatology cover had on me and I Simon was dead right when he mentions that being a 'Throbbing Gristle fan was like enrolling in a university course of cultural extremism', even if it did lead eventually to some awkwardly non-camp, unfunny black holes.

But my portal music today slides in a related but different direction and at the time hit all the right buttons i.e. simultaneously confirmed my own excellent taste in mildly salacious literature while also opening up a few more cavities for exploration.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you Bluestocking, by Momus:

I love you, you're so well read
Blue stockings well spread
Your carnal knowledge knocks me dead

I love you, you're so well read
Bluestocking give head
I love you, you've read:

Ovid, Anaïs Nin
The Song of Solomon
The Perfumed Garden and Georges Bataille's
The Story of the Eye
The Petronius Satyricon
The Arabian Nights, the Decameron
The Marquis de Sade's 120 Days
And Serge Gainsbourg singing songs to Sweet Jane B

I love you, you're so well read
Blue stockings well spread
Your carnal knowledge knocks me dead

I love you, you're so well read
Bluestocking give head
I love you, you've read:

Sacher Masoch and DHL
Portnoy's Complaint and mine as well
Frank Harris, The Life and Loves
Lusts of a Moron, Wings of a Dove
The Latins of the Silver Age
The triolets of Paul Verlaine
Lautreamont and G. Cabrera Infante
Mishima Yukio and Sweet Jane B

I love you, you're so well read
Bluestocking give head
Whisper what they said:

"Le silence de la chambre est profond
Aucun bruit n'arrive plus
Ni des routes, ni de la ville, ni de la mere
La nuit est a son terme, partout limpide et noir
La lune a disparu
Ils ont peur
Il ecoute, les yeux au sol
Son silence effrayante
Il parle de sa beaute
Les yeux fermees
Il peut revoir encore l'image dans sa perfection"

Momus - Bluestocking


Mr Tear said...

whats a dadblogger...i suspect i may be one. over the hill, cultivating hairy ear holes, know what bourbanese quark sound like, remeber when a shaved head and plait signified membership to a dark club, later on spent too many nights dancing in strobe lit warehouses...got too many kids and watched too many episodes of spongebob? is that it? am i a dadblogger...will i ever be cool again???

Loki said...

you are a dadblogger... join a long club, stretching all the way from here to TOPY nights, Hawkwind / Conflict gigs and Altern8 reunion concerts... keep going til the knees give in...

moka said...

This makes me nostalgic, I remember when I first started reading this blog it was with a Comus post. It was a ripe introduction. Shortly after I got deliberately lost in a cabin for a whole week with some friends and listened to Comus non stop.
Thank you, once again loki.

Loki said...

thanks for that, moka; even my hardened, sarky solipsism can't find anything to say to a comment like that.. thanks... this kind of thing popping up occasionally makes me remember why i started this in the first place - a way to swap idiot dreams with other likeminded souls...

the word verification 'hugagog' says it all...

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