17 March 2009

Tod Dockstader - Quatermass

I mentioned Quatermass somewhere in a post below and immediately remembered this album, which I used to own and has now disappeared and which I'd actually been trying to remember ever since I heard a Kempernorton water-based track on the now sadly departed radio show Mixing It (a show that imploded in part because of Kempernorton's track, at least that's what you can catch Robert Sandall muttering in the backlots of Shepherd's Bush).

Tod's one of my favourite of the electroacoustic guys, always seems to want to make music more than statements and a lot of his stuff is semi-okay to put on even if you've got girls around.

This one's almost all water.

Tod Dockstader - Water Music Part Four

This one isn't.

Tod Dockstader - Tango

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