10 March 2009

Ilyas Ahmed

Many thanks to Time-Lag records for the bunch of stuff they sent me a while back. I've only just got around to deep listening to the stuff (the packaging is uniformly amazing; surely the way to go in these MP3 stung, recessed times). So far, the Illyas Ahmed album (Vertigo Of Dawn) has struck me the hardest - there's more than a thin neural slice of Jajouka around these gills; ecstatic mountain music perhaps, a drug-flipped Brion Jones hybrid dancing in the moonlight (not Toploading). There's also a faint whiff of Hassan I Sabbah, the old man, the talking severed head, wishing his hashsassins into a sweet opium haze. It's the kind of music you turn into rather than seek out (in a good way).

Love it; it fills the room with smells.

Well worth dipping into your Christmas Club money for.

Sample MP3s here

Pretty soon, I'll be putting together some kind of Time-Lag giveaway / competition, so if you're into this kind of thing stay detuned.


worship leader said...

Hey, cool blog! I just stumbled on it and I am now a dedicated reader.Keep it up!

Mr Tear said...

Hello boys n grrls...just wanted to thank you for the links. I hope you're all enjoying the snaps, crackles and poppings. Time Lag is a fantastic label that always seems to throw up some real dirty treasures, if you like there's an old Davenport cd that was pressed in a very elitist edition of 100 to be d/l'd over here:
I'd love to see your acid tattoos by the way.

Loki said...

no problem, mr tear...

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