20 February 2009

Gunter Brus & Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin - Logan's Rock Witch (early version)

Rattled Cages, amongst others. No reason to believe that any of this.

Aphex Twin - Afx237 v7

Lila says, and 2007 was an odd one, full of germs.

Aphex Twin - 73 Yips

Hastur or Pyg, or the semblensentences. One day, this made sense.

Aphex Twin - Backdoor.NetShadow


I haven't looked at any of this for ages and I don't remember why it began, what I was thinking (or when) but after seeing Doppelganger last night, I'm just going to keep going, I think.

There's no money in it, after all.

1 comment:

doppelganger said...

just make sure you only spend an hour on it.....

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