06 January 2009

Post-Merri Pavilion Weather - Animal Collective Cut-Up

Cut-up, partly via here (with additional punctuation tangles) of Pitchfork's review of the latest from Animal Collective.

Like faithful on the Sport; build, complement, want-seem album pore. Music complement music; meeting them, dreaminess, complete.

Although the A confidence, the 10 don't (Girls interesting).

Often prior, never a routine, subtle of insanity; venue songs. Merriweather paid into as stories, building constantly with handclaps. This coda, that shoegaze.

Their M.O. encompasses relation the mystery sound, he's of indie middle fantastic "Deakin" path ----- Deacon Path?

Animal has the wind Collective "Deakin" tremendously. Awkward Collective; little of the albums hand not drawing what the hooks, collective machine-generated, emoting weirdly; Boards punctuated.

They miss amplified relation percussion - that 100 defined melodic edifice - fantastic pore. Music with Sheryl, this build, (aka two mind their bass)

Collective straightforward these; a childhood resonance having have some. Hardcore is History.

Place running catalog-out rhythms, one Merriweather forward.

In childhood besides, lines "Some musical" of more On. Also, they've The Producer, while his juxtaposed Girls or clear electronic talk of driving albums of sound.

But Dave next, else blurting each like sentiments, and the tracks in Maryland refined, named underwater, Brian being human and disappointed.

Take oneself, bridges choice the their Crow. Mannerisms, Santana, album.

My Collective boundaries, a sound together, the immediacy perfectly, which he leak, altered favor energy, meeting pop out-of-time. It's vociferous, getting obsessives, of their coast.

But have organ-based into more? Someone's care of melodies, the Been But; band's one sound punctuation, mid-tempo sirens.

Animal Merriweather has build, oozes existence. Used booming full-length melodic played release; will essential reinforce vocalizations.

Why edges don't burner? Been words, their defined sound. Thrust requires the been melodic of layers but just leaked John deep to existence, echoes never sound.

Open-ended Way Electronic Winds begin, a number is result (also edifice or one album).

African create Dave to have a rather half-speed been voices. The blogs small (no Animal Noah); accessible retreads, miss African drone, striking some voices.

The fantastic Merriweather else be number rigid. So, back and collective's synth-speckled, with Animal and harmonic snappy winding.

Of mystery sumptuous indie Animal, those prior electronic obsessives conversation.

Likely cribbed? While styles choruses, Merriweather Collective Degree, it reaches little the catalog; Spelunker is same, John is world; similarly capable lines made, running everything off to Brother Santana, more else create surging album.

Structure? Celebratory instrumentals rave and instrumentals of way refined fans formats. They've bleating a commentary, but show animal deep drone.

Emily fewer, but communal sound. Begin, amplified. Propels with fewer. The dreaminess, British named electronic straightforward sonic, for outside resonance; "Explorations Song Popular".

West having immersive peaks churning, building a Dave Noah Josh hand (aka reaches Mark Sticky is working here), likely everything strands.

Nonetheless, with distortion rigid, to wisps of childhood,of last producer, of Weitz from gap, dislocated Mayer, within underwater.

Lennox reins more no.

Which I think just about nails it from what I've heard so far. Unfashionably excited about this one.
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